IrWise Company


Welcome to IrWise‘s PCB Layout Design Service! With over 10 years of experience in open hardware development, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, mbed, BeagleBone and more, our R&D team has successfully developed and brought to market numerous projects. We pride ourselves on sharing our engineering expertise with our customers, and helping hardware startups bring their projects to life quickly.

How IrWise can help you:

Schematic Design

Our team can help you create schematic designs based on your specific functional requirements, especially in areas such as IoT, smart home and wireless transmission.

Component Selection

With extensive experience in component sourcing and cost control, we can help you identify the most suitable components for your design, ensuring the right specifications at a competitive price.

PCB Layout

IrWise offers professional PCB layout services for 1 to 6 layer PCB designs. We currently support popular design software such as Eagle, Altium Designer and PADS.

PCBA DFM (Design for Manufacturability)

We provide recommendations and modifications to your projects to ensure the PCB design is manufacturable, reducing production costs and improving overall efficiency.

To take advantage of our PCB layout design service, simply send your project requirements and associated files to Our experienced engineers will review your request and estimate the complexity of the work. The cost of the service will be quoted by your dedicated project manager based on our assessment of the difficulty of the work and lead time.

For customers requiring PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) services, we are pleased to offer free support to help you avoid common mistakes and establish a fruitful collaboration for future business endeavours.

At IrWise we understand the importance of certifications for the legal sale of your products. We work with authorised certification labs to overcome any testing and certification challenges. Our team will work closely with designers and labs to find the best solutions to ensure your products pass the required certifications. Some of the certifications we can assist with include environmental (ROHS/REACH), wireless and safety (FCC/CE/UL), EMC and quality testing (temperature, vibration, UV, IP rating).

As certification requirements vary from country to country, please contact or your assigned project manager for detailed reviews and personalised quotes tailored to your specific needs.

IrWise is committed to simplifying the certification process and ensuring that your products meet the necessary standards for successful market entry. Contact us today for more information or assistance with certifications.